Welcome to My Story / by Alex Perez


I thought since this is my first website, that I would talk a little about myself. Many people call me Alex, but my real name is Alejandro, and I'm only 23 years old. 

I'm a freelance photographer based in Naples, FL. I have only done photography now for less than two years. When I first started doing photography I never thought I would come so far, than just taking photos with my phone, but as of today, I'm very happy and proud to say that with all my hard work and non stop pursuit to my goals, I have already been featured on a magazine and newspapers. But these are just some material things that I'm proud of, in reality, I want much more than that. As a person I want to be remembered as a great photographer, I want people to know me as an excellent human that loved his work. I want to create photographs that will make people happy, sad, excited, etc. I don't want to just know how to take photos, but I want to reach a whole new level, never seen before. 

Anyways thank you all for stopping by for my first blog.

to be continued....